The "EMPOWERMENT" Movement!

I have been revamping every aspect of SILVER FOXX STUDIO and my LASCIVA Boudoir, to include our messaging. Because I beieve that words have meaning. And "Women Empowerment" is bullshit.

Stay with me, it's not because I am some sort of male chauvinist. It's actually the opposite. I see through the "Women Empowerment" movement, and I want you to see through it as well.

Photographers and other companies alike LOVE to say they "Empower" women, I have been guilty of this myself, jumping on the buzzwords to drive traffic to my business, but after really thinking about the word and how I use it, I decided it wasn't honest. The worst phrase regarding female empowerment is "Empowered Women Empower Women". 

I despise these terms or phrases. Here is why! The definition of empowering is GIVING someone the authority or power to do something.  Giving means that one person possessed something that the other did not already have, and insinuates that a person in power is giving a person not in power, that authority or permission to finally be in power. This term is typically used in work places as leadership begins to mentor an up-and-coming potential leader to assess their decision-making abilities and see where they land with taking responsibility.  

The point that YOU, despite what people want you to believe based on everything going on in the world currently, have always had power! Power is NOT GIVEN its always possessed by each person, and waiting to be utilized. But power is often either not recognized by the individual or its misunderstood on how to properly weild it. And so for many, women especially, they are led to believe they are powerless, until given permission!  FUCK THAT!

So the next time you see a Business or Photographer claiming to "Empower" you, realize what they are truly saying is they are above you and without them you wouldn't have any power. 

That is why the SILVER FOXX STUDIO and LASCIVA Boudoir message from this point forward will be... 

"LASCIVA Boudoir/SILVER FOXX STUDIO EMBOLDENS women through the use of our sessions and images, as a way for our clients to find self-acceptance and self-love, that will continue to promote expression through community; not suppression through competition".  

To be emboldened is to be given courage. Courage is not possessed by everyone. Some let fear drive their decisions. We provide a safe, judge-free, place that gives you the opportunity to work on becoming courageous in vulnerable situations. And we utilize SILVER FOXX sessions to show you, and we utilize LASCIVA Boudoir sessions to fortify that courage!

It time to to be EMBOLDENED not empowered!