Price, Intimacy, and Memories.

So let’s start with price. The average American wedding in 2019 cost somewhere North of $40,000, but the average Adventure Elopement in 2019 cost $5,000-$10,000! You might wonder how elopements are able to cut the cost so much. Well, couples that are eloping are prioritizing the romance and moments, over the flash and flair. And unless you splurge on a couture wedding dress or a large cake, you will definitely be able to keep the cost down. So where does the bulk of the cost in elopements come from? Mainly from travel/lodging and photography.  

The next factor of choosing an elopement is Intimacy. Couples eloping are keeping their ceremony intimate with the focus on what’s important...the couple. It’s a privilege to be able to celebrate the couples love with them, but definitely not a right. Couples are finding that keeping the ceremony limited to close family and friends relieves a massive amount of stress. In fact some couples are not bringing family to the ceremony at all. Recent Adventure Elopement Couples have been enjoying a hike to remote locations with the officiant, the photographer, and any required additional witnesses (regulated by state laws) which could be the HMUA. They are packing their suit and dress in a backpack and changing on location. This allows for some pretty remarkable couple shots on the way to the ceremony, and amazing intimate photos with some pretty phenomenal views on location.

Finally the last variable that plays into choosing an elopement over a formal wedding...Memories. Besides starting your marriage off with a romantic adventure. Couples are becoming more aware that focusing time, energy, and money on items that will get tossed out by days end can be better focused on memories. Of all the items from the formal wedding day that are purchased, what do you really get to take with you when the moment has passed? The Dress, The Rings, The Photos! You spent all that money on the wedding and when the day comes you find that its fast paced and most of the day becomes a blur. You don’t remember seeing Nana crying? You missed your four-year old niece and flower girl Camryn trying to discreetly tell her two-year old brother to be quiet during the ceremony by throwing her arm around his shoulder and putting her finger in front of her pursed lips? What about the way your dad smiled and looked at your mom, remembering how young they were when they got married; much like you are today? You finally sat down to eat a few bites of the meal, and missed Uncle Henry doing the “Roy Purdy” and “Shoot” dance moves? These are the types of moments you not only get captured but you get to be a part of when you prioritize memories and being in the moment and and have the money to hire a solid Photographer and/or Videographer. Beyond just the memories from the ceremony and reception, elopement couples are prioritizing honeymoon memories. If you spend all your money and/or go in debt on the wedding; how will you be able to travel to Iceland and see the Northern Lights, or Fiji and relax on a beach, or maybe Scotland and horseback the highlands. Whatever these couples are choosing, they are choosing memories over material.

Silver Foxx Studio LLC takes photos that INSPIRE. ENGAGE. INVOKE. And we feel the day you two pledge your love to each other should be represented with that in mind. That is why Silver Foxx Studio LLC is focusing its efforts on Adventure Elopements and not on Formal Weddings. Because we are choosing to focus on what’s important...and that is YOU and your story!